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The Cell Therapy enabler

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If you believe in Cell Therapy being the future, then you should take an interest in Acousort.

Cell therapy being the future, is not a matter of scientific knowledge anymore, it’s a matter of lowering the price. 

This is only achieved by automating today’s manual work, and exclude sources of contamination. 

Which is done in a fully automated, closed loop production system.

AcouSort’s new high throughput OEM module, released last month, is the only of its kind on the market. 

It’s coming rest on 20 years of Swedish research, and meets all demands within performance, robustness, automation and integration. 

It has lead to Acousort already are engaged with 2 life sciences cell therapy companies.

In the coming months updates are expected. Including a company disclosure and decision about product development. Which will be the first closed loop fully automated cell therapy product/s. 

Designed around the enabling factor, AcouSort’s module. 

Collaboration talks are ongoing with the second partner, and next step is initiation of a feasibility project.

The cell therapy industry has started to find the enabler of their future, however it still unknown for investors.


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