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Trunkbow - Störst i Kina på Mobila betalningar.

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I mitt förra inlägg nämnde jag tre aktier. Varav två har dubblats på några månader sedan, ett bolag har inte rikigt hängt med se nedan. - Förra inlägget.

Tbow, a leading provider of Mobile Payment Solutions ("MPS") and Mobile Value Added Services ("MVAS") in the People´s Republic of China.

Q4 kom idag, lite under förväntan. Men fortfarande billigt enligt mig.

På 2013 prognos värderas Tbow till P/E 3 med en tillväxt på 36%

Stockprice: 1.8USD
EPS 2011: +0,47(+0,44)
EPS(p12): 0,64(23musd)
Profit Growth (p12): +36%
P/E 2011: 3.8
P/E(p12): 2.8
PEG 2011: 0.05 (2008-2011Net Income Growth)
Management ownership: 47%
EV/E 2011: 2,56

Mer info om Trunkbow: Fact Sheet Earnings Releases TA TA

Trunkbow International Holdings Limited, through its subsidiaries, operates as a mobile application enabler, offering application platforms that provide mobile value added solutions, as well as mobile payment solutions in the People's Republic of China. The company's technology platforms enable the operators to offer mobile value added services to end-users. Its products include caller color ring back tone to allow callers to set their own personalized dialing tone when dialing out; number change notification solution to simplify the process of switching between carriers for the subscriber; and color numbering solution to subscribe to multiple numbers in different regions with one SIM card and one phone. The company offers mobile payment solutions in the form of providing system integration, sale of software, patent licensing, and maintenance services. Its mobile payment system solutions enable the end-user to consolidate various functions, such as credit/debit cards, public transit cards, employee identification, facility entrance/exit, and membership cards into one device, as well as to perform various account maintenance functions comprising refilling of prepaid cards, user preferences, and archiving transaction records. The company also provides other technology solutions that enable value added functionalities on mobile devices. Its solutions include missed call reminder, news flash services, roaming greeting, spam intercept, and virtual PBX. The company sells its technology platform solutions through direct sales force; and through independent third-party resellers, including telecom operators and electronic payment processors. It has strategic partnership with China UnionPay to provide clearing house functions for mobile payment solutions. Trunkbow International Holdings Limited was founded in 2001 and is based in Beijing, the People's Republic of China.

"Trunkbow is poised to lead the MPS* revolution in China"
*MPS = mobile payment solution.

Jag äger aktier i Tbow. Gör din egen DD innan du beslutar dig för ett ev. köp.

Bästa hälsningar,



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