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Lumito is close

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Lumito is close to take the final step with a new CEO from Cellavision.

New recruitment is the last piece of the puzzle that takes Lumito to the global market. In my previous text, I wrote about Lumito's potential in the "tissue diagnostics" industry. We have seen some activity, like presentations made by interim CEO Urban Widén. In these presentations, it has become clear that they are in discussion with other companies. Whether it's a partnership or an acquisition, no one knows ... yet! It is a matter of time and we will soon find out! Lumito presented the company's new CEO on November 27 and this makes all the question marks to exclamation marks! Mattias Lundin from Cellavision will be Lumito's new CEO !! This is crazy good and an incredibly strong indication that something really, really good is around the corner. Mattias Lundin is experienced and has worked in the healthcare industry on a global level. As I said, he comes from Swedish Cellavision, which offers the market image analysis systems to diagnose, among other things, blood. In this company he is today "VP Global Sales" and thus has a large network of contacts.

_Mattias comment in the press release: It will be exciting to start at Lumito and get to know the opportunities and challenges that exist both in the short term and strategically. The company has an innovative and unique technology that meets a clear market need for fast and safe diagnostics and which creates great value for pathologists in the fight against, among other things, cancer. I look forward to working with Lumito's talented employees, board and future customers, says Mattias Lundin._

I will not "chat" a lot of numbers and statistics. But we have a billion market where Lumito has set a low goal of taking 5% of the market, which corresponds to a turnover of approximately SEK 3 billion annually until the year 2025, according to Urban Widén. The company is currently on well-filled cash with approximately SEK 50 million, of which SEK 45 million comes from a new share issue. Next year, the company also has an additional SEK 72.4 million via TO3. Very strong for the future, with the upcoming launch etc!

If we are to be realistic now, we see today a filled cash register, a finished commercial design where the software has been implemented in the product. The pathologists make the last fine adjustments needed. We have a soon-to-be-completed validation performed by pathologists. We have CE marking which is expected to come shortly after the validation is complete = Commercially finished product that is ready to be sent to a laboratory around the world. Add the company's new recruiter Mattias Lundin. Do we see a clean transition from Cellavision to Lumito, or is there a connection between the companies? In my world, Lumito has not done any "head hunt" for Mattias. I do mean Lumito and Cellavision, have been negotiating at table and discussed what things should look like. Do we see an acquisition or collaboration? In my previous text, I wrote that I personally believe in acquisitions. And I stand with that thought. In my opinion, it is unlikely that Mattias Lundin from a company like Cellavision would become CEO of a "small company" like Lumito. I think we see a so-called "due diligence" that has more or less already begun, unofficially. However, Mattias appointment as CEO will be official in early 2021. From the day of his appointment, we will see things happen at breakneck speed!

With all the facts and information available, this case is a "no brainer"!

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Warning: This text is based on facts but also personal opinions and thoughts. I own shares in the company. If you are interested in ownership in Lumito, get your own information.


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